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 How's this for a recommendation: from John van der Luit at Toyota Export in UK to a customer in Cyprus enquiring about importing a new RAV4.........

"I am copying to Stan at ACE so that he can advise you directly. We always recommend his services to our customers in BFC as he offers exceptional shipping rates and smooths the whole clearance and delivery process; in all the years that we have worked with him we have only ever had delighted feedback from our Cyprus customers". 28th June 2022.


Welcome to Advanced Car Exports, the forces favourite for new car bargains.

If you are posted to Cyprus and considering a new, tax-free car, you've come to the right place.

We have many years experience in shipping cars from UK to Cyprus, and have many happy customers, whose comments you can read on our Testimonial page by clicking on the link above.

Even when stock is in short supply, as it is at the moment, one of our UK suppliers is bound to have something to offer you for quick delivery, if you don't fancy waiting for a new car to be built to your exact requirements.

You will need a good reliable car for your posting to Cyprus, where used car prices are very high and quality can be an issue.

There is very little in the way of public transport, too, so order your new car in plenty of time and enjoy your Cyprus posting.

Stan Bateman.

Stan Bateman founded Advanced Car Exports in May 1979, and has been assisting British Forces with buying new tax-free cars for over 40 years. Since relocating to Cyprus in 2010 he has specialised in the BFC market, offering a first-class service in supplying, shipping, collecting and registering new tax-free cars for customers stationed there.

Most UK suppliers of new, tax-free cars to British Forces in Cyprus rely on him to assist their customers.

Why not take advantage of all that experience? Ask for a free no-obligation quote, any make or model.


Semiconductor shortage causing havoc

So whatever you're after, chances are that one of our suppliers will have something to offer.



Since 1 January 2021 vehicles need to be owned and used in Cyprus for a minimum of 6 months, and then retained for a further 12 months on your return to the UK.

(If you no longer qualify due to the car or shipping being delayed, you can ask HMRC to

reduce the 6 months via a form ToR1)

  The six months use in Cyprus starts from the date of your C104A form, when issued by the SBA.

(A C104A gives you permission to import a Duty-Free/Tax-Free vehicle into Cyprus)

NB: Since Brexit, all cars entering Cyprus from the UK are inspected by Cyprus Customs, who can,

at their discretion, charge for the inspection. However, the charge only seems to apply to vehicles inspected

after 3pm, which is considered by Cyprus Customs to be overtime.



We have been shipping new, tax-free cars from UK to Cyprus for many years, and although

Cyprus is well known for its bureaucracy, there was never a problem we couldn't overcome.

Today it's a bit more challenging. As you may know, COVID arived in Europe early 2020, and at the time of writing (June 2022) it has caused approx 18 million deaths worldwide.

The effect on the motor industry has been profound, with long factory closures in Asia meaning massive shortages of vital spare parts, especially semiconductors

which contol many of the functions of modern cars.


Then came BREXIT on 1st January 2021, bringing new rules and regulations,    

the main rule affecting BFC was that whereas previously you only needed

to retain a tax-free vehicle in Cyprus for 28 days, this was changed to

6 months in Cyprus plus another 12 months when back in the UK.

There were other inconvenient post-BREXIT changes, IE more paperwork, expense,

delays, etc, but by far the most damaging for used car dealers in Cyprus was that

all used vehicles from the UK entering Cyprus are now liable to Cyprus VAT,

even if UK VAT has already been paid.

This effectivly put paid to the trade in importing used cars from the UK, and caused

shipping lines to cut back on their UK to Cyprus service.

(Fortunately this VAT ruling doesn't apply to members of BFC buying/importing tax-free/duty-free cars,

but is mentioned to show how shipping times can be affected)

WAR. And then in February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. We have no idea when it will end or where it will lead, but as far as the motor industry goes, the effects are only compounding the previous two difficult situations. One shortage caused by this war being Neon gas, which Russia produces in vast quatities and used to send to Ukraine for processing. Neon gas is required to make lasers, which are essential in the manufacture of semiconductors.

Ukraine was also a big producer of the wiring harnesses used in modern cars,

leaving car makers scrambling to find alternative suppliers.

Members of BFC will still require reliable transport in Cyprus and owning your own,

brand new car is a great feeling, so send us your enquiry.

You're in safe hands.


Latest update on UK registration, 1st July 2022.

HMRC have confirmed that anyone buying a tax free car in the UK for export to Cyprus as a Personal Export on a VX302 Pink log book must return to the UK to sign for the car.

If you prefer you can instead have it registered as a Direct Export on a V308 Blue log book, and ask the supplier to deliver it directly to the container depot.

In this case there is no need to return to the uK to sign for your car.

As a Direct Export it will be shown as an import when eventually re-registered back in the UK, but a letter from the supplier indicating that it was a UK supplied car should negate this, if you decide to sell it in the UK. (You will also have a UK invoice, as further proof).