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Tax-free cars - what are they?

Who qualifies for a tax-free car?

If you are an 'Entitled Person', such as a member of H M Forces or an MoD employee,

posted overseas for a minimum of 6 months, why not take advantage of a new car,

exported from the UK, free of VAT and with a substantial Military Discount?

How much of a car's price is VAT?

When buying a new car in the UK, VAT is added to the basic price of cars and options, currently charged at 20% .


Car on the left shows normal UK retail price. Car on the right shows VAT-free price with Military Discount.

Our shipping quote for this car introduced to the supplier by us would be £1095, which also includes port fees.

Prices taken from Forces Cars Direct website, September 2020. Cars shown for illustration purposes only.

Can I bring a tax-free car back into the UK?

A special concession for British Forces exempts them from paying the VAT on their return to the UK, provided that they have complied with the various regulations in place, such as registering the car in the country to which they exported it, and having been overseas for a minimum of six months. (Best check with your Admin Office).

Re-importing a tax-free car into the UK

Prior to leaving Cyprus, you should visit the SBA and obtain a NOVA form. On returning to the UK from Cyprus, the owner will need to surrender the Cyprus registration document, and complete a form V55/5, You will be required to show proof of insurance, in the form of a UK cover note, not a Green Card, and a valid MoT certificate, if the car is over three years old.   VED, (road tax) must also be purchased. Best to check with the Main Dealer who supplied your car, in case rules change.

Re-Registering your car in the UK

All cars have to be re-regsitered via Swansea.

We offer free advice

If you are thinking of buying a tax-free car, please get in touch via our Contact Page, should you require any help or advice, which we are happy to provide, free of charge.