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In association with Cuff Miller Co Ltd, Ford Dealer to the Military

Our suppliers


Our suppliers...

As you can see from the ad, we have many UK suppliers to call on to supply your new, tax-free car.

All were chosen for specific reasons, mainly because they are the best available, but also because they are the most helpful and efficient when it comes to export preparation and paperwork.

For example, take Cuff Miller, our Ford dealership in West Sussex, a company we have happily used for supplying new Fords for the past 20 years. Very helpful, efficient and generous with discounts, plus first class admin. We doubt if there's a better place to supply your new Ford anywhere in the UK.

Then there's Hendy JLR in Salisbury, who supply our Jaguars and Land Rovers. The only such supplier that will include shipping in the car's invoice so there's no need to add VAT to the shipping, and will deliver your vehicle free of charge to the container depot.

ADC Export supply our Toyotas and Lexus models, very efficient and very generous, and we believe that we are the only company that they will supply for export to Cyprus.

The two industry giants are Griffin and Forces Cars Direct, both leaders in Military Sales, so no need to comment further, except to say that we are grateful for their massive input.

EMC supply Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Vauxhall, but seem to be taking a back seat at the moment. Hopefully they will be back with a bang in the months ahead.

BMW Park Lane are the only UK suppliers of new, tax-free BMW vehicles to British Forces. We have been their official agent in Cyprus for many years, and again have always found them to be very efficient and generous.

Marquis Motorhomes appointed us their sole Cyprus agent to BFC last year, and we are happy to be associated with this industry-leading UK supplier.

Last but not least, Chorley Group, whom we have known and done business with for over 20 years. Dave Hull runs the Nissan export dept. and will try and beat any other supplier's price.