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The island of Cyprus has attracted travellers for more than 10,000 years. Lying in the Eastern Mediterranean close to Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel, it is geographically almost in the Middle East, but distinctively European.

Cyprus was under Venetian rule from 1489 until being annexed into the Ottoman Empire in 1571.

Then it came under British rule when the Ottomans ceded it to Britain in 1878.

Cyprus gained independence from Britain in August 1960 and has been divided since the Turkish invasion in July 1974. 

Cyprus is famous for sunshine, blue flag beaches, great food and wine....and RED TAPE.


Clearing Cyprus Customs can be a lengthy and frustrating process,

which is why we employ a Clearing Agent to do it for you.

This means that you don't have to visit Limassol Customs at all!


So whoever you choose to supply your new car, tell them you want Stan to assist you in Cyprus. It won't cost you any more, in fact it could well work out cheaper, ask for a no-obligation quote and see for yourself.

(We act as import agents for most UK suppliers of new tax-free cars to British Forces in Cyprus, so shouldn't be a problem)



No need for you to visit Limassol Customs or the Tansport Office,

it's all done for you, and nothing for you to pay, either.

*Apart from €205 euros to the Transport Office Agent

who registers your car.

(To cover the cost of an MoT, registration and Cyprus plates, plus road tax as required).



Stan Bateman, who founded Advanced Car Exports in May 1979, now lives in Cyprus, and has

 over 10yrs experience in personally assisting British Forces with importing their new tax-free cars.

Mobile telephone number 00357 97 67 35 76.    E-mail



We are advised that British Forces attached to UNFICYP in Nicosia are currently excluded by the Cyprus Government from being able to register a duty-free car in Cyprus. This ruling is constantly being challenged, but there has been no progress so far that we are aware of.


New road tax charges from 1 Jan 2020:

Emissions of 0-120 g/km... €0.50 per gramme

121-150 g/km.... €3.00 per gramme

151 - 180 g/km....€6.00 per gramme                                                        

Above 180 g/km it’s €12 per gramme

There are also penalties when importing older vehicles, but these may not apply to British Forces importing Duty-Free cars.

You can buy 3, 6, 9 or 12 months road tax.

 REGISTRATION FEE remains at €150 per vehicle.

Other charges: Port fees/Clearing Agent’s fees will be included in our shipping quote, so there will be nothing to pay on collecting your vehicle.

An MoT is €35, and all pre-registered vehicles entering Cyprus require an MoT.

A set of Cyprus number plates, including fitting, is €20. Total €205 euros (plus road tax)

is paid to the Transport Office Agent when registerstering your car.

Happy Motoring