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Tax-paid cars

These are cars which the purchasers do not intend to export from the UK, and will therefore have VAT included in the price, plus road tax where applicable. UK VAT is currently charged at 20%.

Fantastic savings

If you are remaining in the UK and not eligible to buy a tax-free car, or just don't fancy the hassel of shipping a car to Cyprus and back, you can still take advantage of some fantastic discounts offered to members of H M Forces. Several manufacturers offer these discounts. As agents for most UK suppliers of cars to H M Forces, we can get you a great deal.

Who qualifies?

Serving members of H M Forces, reservists, TA and MoD employees are the main categories, depending on which make you are buying. However, it may be possible to supply you even if you are not a member of any of the above. Please contact us and we'll do what we can to help.

Biggest savings

Generally speaking, significant savings should be possible on tax-paid cars, depending on make and model. There's certainly no harm in asking for a no-obligation quote on the model of your choice.

Our recommendations

Many UK suppliers allow the same Military Discount whether you buy a tax-free or tax-paid car, and you save the hassel of shipping your car both ways, dealing with Cyprus Customs and Transport Dept and port delays, which seem to be built into the system in Cyprus.

So please send us your enquiry and we'll either send you a quote, or pass your enquiry to the supplier.

Other requirements

Some of our suppliers arrange finance for your new car, and get you a part-exchange price for your present car. There are generally better finance rates and options when buying a tax-paid car compared to a tax-free car.


Unless you collect from the supplying dealership, there may be additional charges to pay for delivery to another address. Please ask for a quote, if you prefer to have your car delivered to your home address.

Please contact us

For more information, or for a price on a specific make or model, please send us a quote request from our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.